Medina Tower

The vision behind the project at Medina Tower is to create a mix use development comprising residential, office, retail and leisure accommodation by creating a vibrant, self-contained ‘vertical town’ that integrates fully with the surrounding building in terms of its volumes, aesthetics and use.
MIH p.l.c., IHI p.l.c., the Economic and Social Development Fund (ESDF) and the Arab Union Contracting Company have formed a joint-venture specifically to undertake the Medina Tower development.
The ESDF was established in 2006 by the Government as one of the key agencies tasked with the diversification of the Libyan Economy, it manages around €8 billion in assets through 20 partnerships spread over several sectors.
The AUCC was incorporated in 1974.  Since its incorporation, the company has executed several contracting, property investment and construction projects. The total value of this activity in Libya exceeded €700 million and comprises residential units, hospitals, banks and infrastructural projects.
The partners in this venture are combining their respective expertise in developing Medina Tower – a landmark project that is set to become an address synonymous with luxury residences, offices, meeting facilities and retail shops in Tripoli.
The partners will join forces in ensuring that the Medina Tower project will be delivered within ambitious time frames and to the highest standards that are unparalleled in Libya.
The architectural concept stems from a 4-storey podium that will include a mix of residential, retail, commercial and conference space. A curved tower rises from the 6th level and peaks at the 40th level, where a stunning duplex restaurant will adorn the crown of this landmark building. This architectural concept embraces the neighbouring buildings and its curved lines allow each floor to enjoy unobstructed views of the Mediterranean sea.
Built on a land plot measuring close to 11,000 sq.m., the development will span over a total gross floor area of c. 200,000 sq.m., with over 138,000 sq.m. above ground and spread over 40 floors.
Medina Tower is located next to Burj Al Fatah on Tripoli’s main boulevard, overlooking the city centre’s landscaped public gardens. 
Medina Tower will be a destination that will allow tenants to live, work and relax, under one roof and within easy access for locals and visitors alike. A concept that embraces high standards and convenience supported by state-of-the-art technology and superb ambience that is second to none.